Animation Centre ANILUPA

Animation centre ANILUPA (CLIA_Anilupa) of Associação de Ludotecas do Porto (ALP) is an educational and cultural centre that develops a wide variety of activities in the field of animation, targeting educational, social and cultural organizations as well as the general public.

The interactive exhibition space of CLIA_Anilupa provides the possibility to experiment and explore the pre-cinema devices, to watch the films made by the participants of animation workshops and to learn about the research and educational processes behind the scenes. CLIA_Anilupa aims to encourage active participation of all members of the public by giving the possibility to get involved in film production, to learn about the emergence of cinema in interactive way and to participate in other educational and creative activities.

CLIA_Anilupa was founded following the success of Animation studio Anilupa, which was created at ALP in 1990 and provided workshops of animation for non-professional public.

The filmography of the centre at the moment contains more than 150 films, made by children, young people and adults from various organisations.

Animation Workshops
Optical Toys and other Workshops
Training courses
Screenings and Exhibitions
Other creative activities
Media Library
monday - friday
 9:30h - 12:30h
14:00h - 18:00h
address: Rua entre Quintas,219
4050-240 Porto
tel.: 222081213
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